Our Code of Conduct in 10 Points

  1. Open-mindedness. Let the hybrid workplace surprise you, regardless of your years of experience.
  2. Honesty. Share failures and successes honestly, gold stars and warts.
  3. Respect. We value everyone’s preferences and methods even if they don’t apply to all of us. Vive la difference!
  4. Privacy. Your privacy is protected in all reports by summarizing and anonymizing your input.
  5. Sharing. Share your experiences with others. Results of studies will be shared with you.
  6. Attribution. You will always be in control of how your advice is shared and how you are credited.
  7. Community. Share the sharing! If you see a skilled practitioner, point them in our direction.
  8. Ongoing Learning. As the hybrid workplace evolves, you may be asked to provide more feedback though various forms of research.
  9. Control. You can throttle your participation by opting out from any communications with no adverse impact on your membership. Lurk, sure, but we’d prefer to have your input!
  10. No Sales. No pitches to the members unless they are free and reciprocal. 

Rebels: We love disruption, but not when it comes to this Code. Please contact us if you see something that needs addressing.